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  • Manufacturer: MiracleGro
  • SKU: 108750
  • Model Number: 100410

The New Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder provides a better experience with improved features and performance. Features include a new easy-to-grip handle, trigger with lock for one-handed control, and three spray patterns: shower, jet and stream.

  • Manufacturer: Teknor Apex
  • SKU: 773309
  • Model Number: 773309

5/8-Inch x 100-Ft.  Solid-brass octagon female coupling with Ergo Grip collar for an easy no-leak connection. MicroShield anti-microbial protection guards against mold and mildew. Lifetime warranty.

  • SKU: 141216

Anodized handle with foam grip. Assorted colors.

One touch rain wand. Assorted colors with thumb actuated valve. Color anodized tubing.

  • SKU: 586196

Touch N' Flow Revolver Spray Gun. 9 settings in assorted colors.

Each ceramic Plant Nanny Stake is specially designed to release just the right amount of moisture into the soil. You create the water reservoir by filling an empty wine, water or soda bottle with water and attaching the included, drip-free, threaded adaptor. As the soil begins to dry, the device slowly releases more water (through gravity/diffusion). Plus, by using clear bottles, you can easily see when its time to add more water. Perfect for flowers, plants or veggies.

Pocket Hose, the garden hose that's small enough to fit in your pocket, then expands automatically to a giant full sized hose! Pocket Hose is super lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient to hang or store anywhere - even in your pocket! Best of all, it never kinks, twists or tangles like ordinary hoses!

Bördy is very straightforward: If the plant is cast, you Bördy easily filled through the open beak. Using the stuck in the ground Tonkegels are the bird then the water gradually to the plant and allows a less frequent watering. A quick look at the plastic body is enough to see if the water is depleted and must be replenished.

  • Manufacturer: Gilmour Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: 362

Set metering dial for required dilution; concentrate and water will automatically be mixed at set rate – up to 100 gallons. Metering dial selects from 16 mixing ratios; 1 teaspoon up to 10 tablespoons. Operates on water pressures ranging from 40 PSI to 60 PSI. Built-in anti-siphon device prevents back flow. Remove the deflector for solid stream coverage up to 30 ft.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Products

Instantly dilutes and sprays liquid weed killers, insecticides and fungicides. The Dial N Spray will hold 32oz of product.

For a wireless digital readout rain gauges this is the one your need. Like the digital rain gauge and thermometer combo unit, this tracks daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rainfall and its display is a black on grey readout. It contains a clock as well. 

This 20 inch tall EZ read rain gauge comes with a mounting bracket and a stake for mounting it in the ground. This dual mounting rain gauge has bright yellow markings, a bright orange float for easy to read characteristics.

  • Model Number: SDFSTHP

The raindrip automatic watering system with timer is a simple to use drip watering kit that waters flowers, shrubs and trees in your landscape areas (not for lawn use). You attach it to your hose bibb and run the system out to the plants you want to water. It's efficient, simple to install and includes a battery-operated timer so you can set your system to water automatically.

  • Manufacturer: Green Thumb Organics
  • Model Number: 60000GT

Sprays up to 100 gallons, no pre-mixing required! Metering dial from 16 mixing ratios - from 1 teaspoon to 10 teaspoons. Solid stream up to 30'. Built-in, anti-siphon valve, insulated grip, and durable polymer bottle.

'As Seen on TV!' Lakeland Yard & Garden carries the hose that grows to 50ft.. The Pocket Hose! It's better and stronger than other brass hoses.

The Perfect Garden Hose’s unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this the most flexible and only “unkinkable” garden hose. All of these features make The Perfect Garden Hose ideal for residential and light commercial users.  The hose is as suited for washing your car, RV, or boat as it is for wash-down use in industrial plants, horse barns, and landscape applications.