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Bring the life force and biology back into your soil with Worm Wise Vemicompost by Churchill Worm Farm! You will be amazed at how much a HEALTHY soil will provide if you give microorganisms and earthworms a chance to re-establish themselves in the soil.  You should absolutely refrain from using heavy applications of commercial fertilizers, concentrating on using smaller amounts and splitting the dosages up over a more extended period of time.

Mosser Lee's Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss is your organic answer to many gardening and indoor floral projects. Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss is not peat moss, but rather a perennial plant that grows wild in the Central Wisconsin sphagnum bogs. Mosser Lee's sphagnum is a renewable resource growing back in the same bogs every 5-7 years, so using Mosser Lee's long-fibered sphagnum does not destroy our precious wet lands.

Mosser Lee's Natural Green Sheet Moss is one of the prettiest decorative mosses in the Mosser Lee family. Let your creativity expand the many household uses for this 100% organic moss. Sized in long, clean sheets, this beautiful moss can be cut with a scissors to almost any size and shape. It is very easy to handle.

Bulk selections of top soil, barks or straw whether picked up from our location or delivered to your home, business or job, our quality products, combined with the quickest delivery in the state, just can't be beat.