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 6 poly carbonate tubes, 3 tubes measuring 19.75" with 36 Cool White LED lights & 3 tubes measuring 11.8" with 20 Cool White LED lights. 9" lead cord, 18" spacing between tubes & 9" end connector cord, lighted length: 6', total length 7.5'. No adapter plug add-on set. Connect up to 6 sets.

  • Manufacturer: nMetric

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this 100-count clear mini-light set features green wire, 18" lead wire, and 3" end connector. If one bulb goes out, the others remain lit. Three sets of lights can be connected together. Includes 2 flasher bulbs, 2 extra bulbs and 1 replacement fuse.

  • Manufacturer: General Electric

This set of string-a-long, clear mini-lights features a 29' total length and green cord. 3" lead wire. 3.5" spacing. 3" end-connector.

Starlight Spheres offer a fun way to decorate during the holidays or for events and parties. These brilliant lights will add ambiance to any occasion.

  • Manufacturer: Sylvania

Sylvania, 10 light, cool white, 8 function, led snowflake string lights, 70 cool white leds, silver wire, 5.25' lighted length, connect up to 3 sets end to end.

  • Manufacturer: Sylvania

Sylvania, 60 light, 16 function, cool white, faceted led globes, with memory control box, 24" lead, 4" spacing, 4.7' lighted length, 6.7' total length, for indoor/outdoor.