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Matrix™ is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. Less handling, less waste and exceptional holding power increase your profitability. 7-day bloom window across all colours in Autumn production makes scheduling and growing easy. Blue Frost can contain blue blotch and white blotch shades depending on environment.

  • Manufacturer: Ball FloraPlant

Continuous color lasts all season long. Excellent branching means less pinching, fewer PGRs. Stands up to heat, drought and other stressful conditions.Unique habit is tops for small pots, baskets and mixed combos.

During the summer months, plant a vibrant blooming annual called Purslane. The blooming flowers of this easy care annual, are typically red, yellow, white and pink, and spring up in clusters among the foliage. It is "heat tolerant", thriving well in hotter, drier climates, and grows to 6" in height.