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  • Manufacturer: Endless Summer Collection

Color Me Pink™ Hydrated Lime is an organic safe way to keep your Big Leaf Hydrangea macrophylla Pink. This all-natural, pure product can be used as a color corrector to help keep your Hydrangea Pink in an acid soil. This is also some times called “sweetening” the soil, when a soils pH is to low or acidic you can lock up available soil nutrients making them unavailable to the plant.

  • Manufacturer: Endless Summer Collection

Color Me Blue™ Soil Sulfur is an organic safe way to turn your Big Leaf Hydrangea macrophylla blue. This all-natural, pure product can be used as a color corrector to help keep your Hydrangea blue and it also promotes dark green foliage and general plant vigor. Importantly soil sulfur is kid and pet safe and won’t burn your plants.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome

Contains a balanced plant food plus vital trace elements to create an acid growing condition that allows azaleas, camellias and gardenias to thrive and grow.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome

A scientifically formulated tree food that contains penetrating action, which moves the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrub drip line, eliminating the need to dig holes.

Vitamin and mineral supplement to stimulate growth in plants, and help them survive transplantation. Classic and very popular vitamin and hormone mix. Use it for everything from reducing transplant shock to stimulating growth to reviving dead plants. This product has been in use since 1940.

  • Manufacturer: Safer Brand

Multi-insect control of thrips and whiteflies in potted plants. Keep your potted plants free of annoying insect pests including thrips and whiteflies. This pesticide-free product is disposable, too!

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

Provides a slow release form of natural Nitrogen. For use on Pansies, Roses, flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables. Aids in plant production of top growth and deep green foliage.

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

An excellent combination of natural Nitrogen and Phosphate that is slow release and long lasting. Can be used on all flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

A natural source of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash that helps create an acidic soil condition and aids in production of friendly soil bacteria.

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

Encourages plants to develop sturdy root systems, increases bloom production and strengthens fruit and bud set.

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

A dry formulation of zinc for application around fruit trees. Corrects deficiency that causes deformity of fruit, prevents and corrects Rosette on Pecans.

  • Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

Specifically designed to be used with all types of flowering bulbs at planting time in spring and fall. Provides necessary nutrients for proper root development and growth of bulbs.

We carry more than 12 varieities of these repeat bloomers.

The Knockout rose is a good reason to love roses.  With proper selection and placement, there are few other plants that reliably deliver more vibrant color and overall garden satisfaction, than roses.  Roses can also be one of lowest maintenance plants in your garden.

Drift® Roses are repeat-bloomers that are tough, disease resistant, winter hardy and virtually maintenance-free.

  • SKU: 5065585395

These are best-known group of Narcissus that multiply freely. These Daffodils are terrific naturalizers with a long blooming season. They have large flowers and the trumpets or coronas are as long as their flower petals.

  • SKU: 5065524535

Trumpet Narcissus have the largest flowers of any Narcissus group. They are characterized by a very long trumpet (corona) that is as long or longer than the petals.

  • SKU: 5065519165

These are the best mid-season Tulips for large flowers, strong stems, and clear bright colors. Good for large scale plantings, and masses of strong color.

  • SKU: 5065525345

Large Cup Narcissi have only one flower per stem. The cup (corona) is more that one-third, but less than equal to the length of the flowers' outer petals.

Matrix™ is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. Less handling, less waste and exceptional holding power increase your profitability. 7-day bloom window across all colours in Autumn production makes scheduling and growing easy. Blue Frost can contain blue blotch and white blotch shades depending on environment.

Sonnet Mix Snapdragons are a taller variety that makes beautiful backdrops for shorter plants.  The mix contains dark red, yellow, white, pink and orange shades. Snapdragons do best when the weather is cool but will stop blooming when the weather gets hot. When it cools off again they resume blooming.

English Ivy (Hedera helix) make an attention-grabbing topiary for your home. A great addition to any space, this sculptural plant looks equally attractive inside the home or placed outdoors on a covered porch or deck.

This fast growing, lemon scented plant has multiple uses in the home, patio and landscape. Lemon cypress is coniferous evergreen tree that has greenish-yellow foliage. The leaves give off a lemony fragrance, especially when cut. It is a hardy, versatile tree, and people use it both indoors and outdoors. Like many evergreens, it requires very little care, thrives in a variety of climates, and retains its color all year long.

Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) is a popular houseplant typically available for sale during late winter and spring months. It is a durable flowering potted plant requiring very little maintenance in the home or office.