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Keeping Wild Birds Healthy

Keeping Wild Birds Healthy

Keeping Wild Birds Healthy

Bird enthusiasts enjoy watching birds eat and bathe in their backyards. Here are some important tips to help maintain healthy wild birds:

• Keep feeders free from debris, droppings and old seed that has gotten wet and possibly moldy. Moldy seed can spread sickness and disease. Feeders should be cleaned at least once per month and may be done so by using one part chlorine bleach and nine parts of hot water. Be sure feeders have completely air dried before hanging them back up! Replenish with fresh food. Keep the area under the feeders free of seed debris and droppings. This will prevent birds from eating contaminated seed.
• Be sure you have enough feeders to prevent them from fighting for the food. Feeders should not be close together, as that can create stress as the birds begin to fight for space and food.
• Keep bird baths clear of droppings, debris and algae. You should change the water frequently. Be sure to scrub the bird bath with a brush and rinse well before refilling. You can prevent algae by adding Bird Bath Protector, which is a solution safe for all bird baths.
• Protect your birds from predators by offering them places to hide, such as natural plants and trees. Keep them out of reach of cats!

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are doing your part to keep your feathered friends healthy while enjoying their natural beauty!